newTABgrnblueHCIlluminated Mobile’s digital mobile advertising trucks can be seen at hotspots of activity all around Chicagoland exactly when and where you need your message to be seen.

With demographic and geographic targeting the benefit to an Illuminated Mobile campaign can complimenting other out-of-home, national, super regional or hyper-local advertising campaigns.

Illuminated Mobile goes where television, radio, Internet, mobile and print can’t.

Utilizing high definition LED digital displays, Illuminated Mobile billboard trucks reach motorists and pedestrians through targeted campaigns aimed directly at the greater Chicagoland market. With targeted demographics in mind, Illuminated Mobile campaigns designate routes and time-frames to assure that each campaign is maximizing its ability to generate impressions and expand your company’s overall reach.

Compared to static billboards, a well-designed digital mobile billboard will generate anywhere between 40,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. Mobile digital billboards are viewed by 95% of the people they pass, and are read by 85% of those people.1 Digital mobile billboard advertisements deliver immediate results for advertisers, with 29% of consumer’s stating that outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week.2

Illuminated Mobile is audited by the Transit Audit Bureau (TAB) and real time GPS tracking and post campaign reports are provided.

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