About Mobile LED Advertising Billboards

Illuminated Mobile offers digital LED mobile advertising billboard trucks with unlimited targeting, experiential and branding solutions.

Illuminated Mobile the America's Cup World Series Chicago.
Illuminated Mobile at the America’s Cup World Series Chicago.

Out-of-home advertising delivered anywhere.

Illuminated Mobile’s high definition LED billboard trucks captivate the minds of an always connected and digital culture that delivers messages directly to consumers when and where you need to reach them.

Results are immediate, measurable and impactful delivering ads that are impossible to ignore. Every campaign receives a GPS tracking,  post  ad delivery confirmation report, still image photography and unedited drone footage.

Our digital LED trucks are available for national, super-regional and hyper-local advertising campaigns.  Short notice, day parting, guerrilla and experiential marketing and grand opening campaigns are available.

Advertising with Illuminated Mobile conquerors consumer mindshare

builds brand and delivers sales.


The Chicagoland area is the third largest consumer market in the USA, featuring a population of nearly 3 million residents with a GDP of $524.6 billion.

We’ll bring messages where your consumer lives, works, shops, and plays with a complete understanding of the Chicago and suburban markets.

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